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the happy class
nothing is impossible
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18 April 2006

hey ::
all those thats still haven't realised yet,
we're at


- /th

/ one class one soul ;

21 October 2005

heya~ KCY here
xams ovr. song liao. i chged the skin.
wana go out and plae?
feel so bored.
why is our claz blog like...
so deserted....
erm. nvr md
hope we can get the claz blog wrking again.
claz tee cumin~

/ one class one soul ;

30 September 2005

God..This is like practically a long post... its been long since anyone posted... cannot larx... must boost 1d blog... tell guys to blog as well... exams coming anywaez... hope everyone are havin a good time revising.... MUST REMEMBER TO RELAX AS WELL!!!! if not fall sick... then you die... i think that we muz have a class outing end of year... like after exams... then we go somewhere... aiyah... later then decide... GOODY LUCK TO PPL HAVIN EXAMS!!!! oh yar... WE JUZ HAF OUR ENGLISH!!! 5 MORE PAPERS TA GO!!!! izzit???

/ one class one soul ;

14 July 2005

i'm like finally joining this damn thing.
stupiid hotmail lost my invitation.
but with gmail, i'll nvr lose anything! (im a walking ad for gmail -_-)
yeah yeah whatever nth much to say.
if you all dont mind i changing the diaza profile hor.

luv hoyee-

/ one class one soul ;

11 June 2005

hope you guys not mad about this.
i plan to change the claz chalet to a claz outin.
eating lunch together and watch movie, shpin, etc...
bcos...too little pp are goin n...
the price is too high.
so i nvr bk e chalet.
so... anyone pls contact me.


/ one class one soul ;

09 June 2005

Hey ppl... Cally here...i am soooooo excited bout the chalet thing... okae... not DAT excited larx... using public com while typing this... lolx... budden... it"s true... coz i at somerset now... using the com at the SPH advertising place...soo... muz type fast... as I was saying... i am excited as umm... dunno larx... still.. well... all the best to you guys during the holidaes... during the chalet thing... tzu hsiang and i came up with a plan... or you can call it as a project... juz enjoy it on that dae larx... heehee... bye... later... lolx...

/ one class one soul ;

22 May 2005

chged the skin.
ya guys md??
hahaz. CHERYL's bdae party was sooo fun.
gt free spaces lehz..
anione interested??
then i cn go bk liaoz...


/ one class one soul ;